Josh’s Legacy Continues to Help Others through Organ and Tissue Donation

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Through medical advancement, organ and tissue donation has made great strides in assisting others live full and healthy lives.  Hearing the amount of individuals that Josh has been able to help with his choice of donating brings our organization great pride.  His legacy continues to move forward with his donation helping save the lives and/or increasing the quality of life for over 50 individuals across the world.  The letter below received from the American Tissue Service Foundation makes us very proud.  Please ensure to visit our Organ Donation page to find out more on how to ensure you are signed up for this great program.

March 31, 2015
Jackie Pishe
Dear Jackie,
I am so glad that we were able to connect the day of the donor flag ceremony at Theda.  It seems like it was ages ago, but has really only been about 9 months.  So many things have happened during these months, your back surgery, the Rose Parade, court dates and all of the interviews.  I have so enjoyed meeting your family and many of your friends, as well as being part of this whole bitter sweet journey.  I understand that hearing about Josh’s tissue distribution may bring about many raw emotions, but I hope that you are somewhat comforted by knowing that the gift of Josh’s tissue donation will help over 50 – 75 people.


As you already know, donation is one of the most precious gifts any person can give to another and it is a very loving and caring gesture that you were willing to touch the lives of many people, and all who love them, by honoring Josh’s decision to be a donor, and sharing his legacy and his life by these many gifts.


A total of 239 grafts have been made. As of today, 211 of them have been provided to others to help save lives and/or improve the quality of life. These gifts have been sent to 9 states so far (Alabama, District of Columbia, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Wisconsin – for you and one other, as well as one other country, (Switzerland).  A total of 28 additional tissue grafts are still available for distribution at this time.


Tissue grafts are needed for the following transplants, repairs, and surgeries:
  • Joint replacement, tendon and ligament repairs
  • Trauma defects, that include bone cysts and tumors
  • Spinal repair & transplants
  • Sports medicine surgeries and repairs
  • Repairs due to scoliosis and posterior cervical/spinal fusions
  • General orthopedic & void fillers (filler tissue to bony structures for injury, trauma, surgery, etc.)
  • Dental/periodontal applications
Again, I am so very sorry for Josh’s death and as difficult as this is for you, I hope you know that Josh continues helping others and is thought of by us every day.    If you have any questions, or need anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  Both you and Josh hold a very special place in our hearts.
Jeanette M. Potts, CT, MS
Education and Development Manager
& Donor Family Advocate
American Tissue Services Foundation

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